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Hime Body Attachment

How to attach Hime head to the Azone Pureneemo body - please note this only works with the original genuine neck piece as seen in the photos.


 You will need the following:

  • A hair dryer

  • Hime head

  • Azone Pureneemo body

  • Pliers or something else sharp









Use the pliers to remove the neck peg, and glue down the neck peg for extra security. This is optional but I strongly recommend it!

  • Wait until glue is dry before proceeding.









Use the hair dryer to heat up the area around Hime's head/neck, this will soften the vinyl, allowing you to pop in the neck piece easier. It will still require some strength. You will hear a *plop* When the neck piece is fully in place!










How to Fix Azone's loose neck issue
What if the neck piece wasn't glued down, what if it comes loose? This sometimes could happen especially without gluing down the neck piece. The neck piece would pop off together with the head. If so, please use the hair dryer to heat Hime's head again, and use pliers or something else sharp to pull out the neck piece.

  • Don't worry about pulling the neck, it will go back to its original shape after you pull it! 

  • But if your doll has face painting, please hold the head on the ears, try to avoid pushing the face to avoid damaging the face paint!

  • I recommend gluing the neck piece down in the Azone neck if you possibly can!

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