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Introduction of Hime

What is Hime Hime Dolls? Hime Hime Dolls is a brand started by me (solarsenshi) ~ "Hime" (pronounced: Hee-meh) is Japanese for princess and stems from my childhood love of princesses and princess dolls, when I was young I had always wanted to become a princess! It has also been a long-time seemingly impossible dream of mine to create my very own doll~

Who is Hime? Hime is the first original doll created by Hime Hime Dolls ~ She is a vinyl head made specifically to match 1/6 scale bodies such as Azone Pureneemo and Obitsu.

She wears wigs of 22-24cm (8-9 inch) and can also have rooted hair! Hime is a doll approximately 30cm tall. Her head is of similar size to Blythe and Pullip.

Her skin tone is made to match Azone’s Pureneemo skintones. She can also share Blythe/Azone clothes and accessories.

Artboard 1-100.jpg
Hime Concept Designs
Pullip & Hime Comparison
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